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StepWise is committed to developing its employees to their fullest. To achieve this goal, StepWise has implemented the Skillset, Toolset, and Mindset programs.


The Skillset program offers part-time opportunities to current StepWise Agents and provides on-the-job training for those in this career advancement track.


StepWise is committed to increasing the knowledge and skills of its employees and to support this mission has created the Toolset employee education program. Each permanent employee receives a ‘credit’ for an online course on a digital learning platform.


This program will pay permanent employees for up to four hours per month for volunteer activities. These activities, ranging from rescuing animals to helping the elderly, need only to be with those possessing non-profit status and engaged in charitable pursuits.
StepWise’s Mindset Program is the final piece of a 3-prong approach to completing the cycle of empowering others.

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