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Get the right combination of talent and tooling!


We train, empower and retain our talent guaranteeing you an extended workforce  delivering high quality mission-critical projects. ​ ​


Powered by leading global technology platforms, StepWise provides secure, reliable, and seamless integrations of on-premises and cloud-based applications. ​


As a certified B Corporation, we are committed to using business as a force for good.


Take the guesswork out of your Data Ops​​
Each StepWise Program combines our accredited workforce with robust market-proven technologies to deliver on your mission-critical data annotation projects. Our Global Delivery Center can guide you to the tool and talent combination to meet your business requirements.​

Computer Vision

We deliver accredited talent and the right tools to complete your data annotation tasks on time and on budget, easing demands on your internal resources, while delivering highly accurate training data.

Natural Language Processing

Our accredited talent uses the right tools to manage the nuance and subtleties of language required to accurately annotate the text to train your NLP applications. We provide the high-quality annotated data sets that you need to power your chatbots, document processing, or information extraction models.​

Data Processing

Reclaim your time and save your money by allowing us to handle your crucial yet labor-intensive and costly repetitive data processing tasks.

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Reclaim your time and money by allowing us to perform crucial yet labor-intensive and costly tasks
Time is your most precious resource. Don’t waste your time on time-consuming, labor-intensive, and repetitive data annotation tasks. Enroll in a StepWise Program and reclaim your time to focus on delivering on your machine learning initiatives.


Expert Consultation

You share company needs. We listen and guide you to the right Program.


Accredited Workforce

Match with accredited talent who can immediately apply their experience to your operational needs.


Tool Selection

We identify the tool that best suits your unique requirements to take the guess work out of building a data operation.


Built-out Pipeline

Allow us to iterate and use our experience to anticipate surprises so you don’t have to.


Feedback Loop

A closed feedback loop is the best way to establish reliable communication and collaboration between you and your project team.


Project Completion

Our scale and agility allow us to deliver high quality, swift throughput, and low costs for your projects.

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